Me and CeeLo

Kimberly first began embellishing her personal items for her private collection ten years ago. When her cell phone, camera and lip gloss quickly caught the attention of friends, colleagues and total strangers, she decided to turn her hobby into something more.  Growing up in New York City and modeling as a young adult, Kimberly has had an innate eye for fashion.  Her creativity and artistic abilities transcend into her Little Miss Crystal designs as featured in the many unique show stopping items.

Kimberly takes great pride in this delicate process.  Each rhinestone is carefully positioned by hand and secured in place.  The bright sparkle will never go unnoticed.  Each custom-made item is a work of art.  You will undoubtedly enjoy the glitz and glam that go along with rhinestoned accessories!

Through her custom work for TY-KU Sake (co-owned by CeeLo Green) she has bedazzled many custom celebrity gifts.